About our Mission and Vision

Many businesses develop Mission and Vision statements with the thought of somehow gaining a solid grasp on exactly what the business does (Mission) and where the business is headed (Vision). When we considered our mission and vision, we found out something about ourselves and our business: what we do is all extraordinarily dynamic and changing, both as we adapt to societal and cultural change around the world and as we learn more and more about how to build the best team to craft the perfect tour.

Our Mission . . .

TRC offers unique, custom-tailored group travel experiences (performance, academic, and other themed tours) providing complete travel services including tour conception and planning, tour and events promotion, and travel logistics.

We take people out of their day-to-day lives to help them experience the extraordinary . . . around the country and around the world.

We focus on two primary types of tours:

1) Performance tours for bands, orchestras, choirs and other performing ensembles.

2) Academic tours, study abroad, and other themed tour experiences.

Our Vision . . .

At TRC, people come first. TRC aims to improve every aspect of the travel experience of our tour participants and directors.

In everything we do—from the day-to-day logistical operations in offices and on the road, to identifying and engaging with expert, experienced tour consultants around the world, to negotiating the best rates with travel service vendors—we focus on cultivating a prosperous (and flexible) business where individual talent and creativity are rewarded and TRC staff, employees, and associates thrive.